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EPCOS / TDK PTC Heater Kit


EPCOS / TDK PTC Heater Kit

EPCOS / TDK PTC Heater Kit features heating elements for low-voltage applications and contains three separate series of thermistors: B59060, B59041, and B59210. The B59060 series from EPCOS / TDK includes six parts with a maximum temperature range of +40°C to +180°C and a 9Ω resistance value. The B59041 series thermistors offer a resistance value of 3.2Ω or 6.4Ω and a maximum operating temperature range of +80°C to +220°C. Lastly, the B59210 series includes one part with a maximum temperature rating of +150°C and a 30Ω resistance value.


  • B59060 Series
    • Six parts
    • +40°C to +180°C maximum temperature range
    • 9Ω resistance value
  • B59041 Series
    • Five parts
    • +80°C to +220°C maximum temperature range
    • 3.2Ω or 6.4Ω resistance value
  • B59210 Series
    • One part
    • +150°C maximum temperature
    • 30Ω resistance value
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